Cambridge Audio updates its award-winning network audio streamers to include TIDAL Connect

London, UK, 22nd March 2021 – Cambridge Audio has updated its range of network audio streamers to include the latest TIDAL Connect technology. 

With over 50 years of experience in creating the best quality audio products, Cambridge Audio has always understood that its customers enjoy listening to their music collections in a variety of different ways. The addition of TIDAL Connect expands upon the wealth of options already available in the company’s award-winning range of network audio streamers.

With TIDAL Connect, you can control music playback on Cambridge Audio streamers directly by using the TIDAL iOS and Android app.

TIDAL Connect support is available on Cambridge Audio’s current line-up of streamers that use its critically acclaimed StreamMagic streaming platform. Where possible, Cambridge Audio strives to support its older network players long after their availability in retail. As such, TIDAL Connect will also be available on older products such as CXN (V1), StreamMagic 6 (V2) and CXR120/CXR200 models.

A firmware update for TIDAL Connect support is now available on the following Cambridge Audio streamers:  

  • Edge NQ 
  • CXN (V2)
  • 851N
  • CXN (V1)
  • StreamMagic 6 (V2)

The following models will receive the TIDAL Connect firmware update on 7th April 2021: 

  • CXR120
  • CXR200

“StreamMagic is award-winning, critically acclaimed and one of the most successful streaming platforms in recent audio history. A dedicated team of engineers have spent the last 11 years constantly refining and upgrading its capabilities, and the majority of those engineers were around at the launch of our first network player. They’ve learnt a lot along the way, which in turn can only benefit our listeners. We’re currently working on our 4th generation module but, wherever possible, we continue to support and upgrade our older network players long after their on-shelf life has ended,” says Tony Stott, Head of Product Marketing, Cambridge Audio. 

TIDAL Connect was announced in October 2020, and allows subscribers to control music streaming on compatible products directly within the TIDAL app. While you can access TIDAL’s hi-res music streaming service using Cambridge Audio’s StreamMagic app, the addition of TIDAL Connect offers a greater degree of flexibility for existing customers. TIDAL Connect is capable of CD-quality playback, as well as hi-res Masters (MQA) tracks.

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